Video: In solidarity with the democratic revolutionary movement in Iran

A Video in solidarity with the democratic revolutionary movement in Iran, performed by Roter Stern Chor Frankfurt.

Roter Stern Chor Frankfurt in solidarity with the democratic revolutionary movement in Iran

BARĀYE ĀZĀDI by Shervin Hajipour

For the sake of dancing in the street
For the fear when kissing
For my sister, your sister, our sisters
For changing the rotten brains
For the shame of inability to provide, for being penniless
For the yearning for an ordinary life
For the poor child searching in the garbage and their dreams
For this governmental, planned economy
For this polluted air
For Vali-‚asr street and its withering dying trees
For Piruz (a cheetah) and his probable extinction
For the killing of innocent dogs
For these never ending tears
For the dream of a moment that will never again happen
For laughing faces
For the (imprisoned) students, for the future
For this paradise being forced on you
For the imprisoned intellectuals
For the Afghan children discriminated against
For each and every one of these „for“s
For all these hollow propaganda chants
For the collapse of the houses in rubbles
For the feeling of peace and tranquility
For the sun after long nights
For the mental illness‘ pills and insomnia
For the towns of Saqqez, Ahwāz, Zāhedan
For the sake of the girl that wished she was a boy
For women, life, freedom
For freedom
For freedom
For freedom

Barāye tūye kūche raqsidan
Barāye tarsidan be vaqt-e būsidan
Barāye khāharam khāharet khāharāmūn
Barāye taghyir-e maghz-hā ke pūsidan
Barāye sharmandegi, Barāye bi-pūli
Barāye hasrat-e yek zendegi-ye ma’mūli
Barāye kūdak-e zobālegard o ārezūhāsh
Barāye in eqtesād-e dastūri
Barāye in havā-ye ālūde
Barāye Vali-‚asr o derakht-hāye farsūde
Barāye Pirūz o ehtemāl-e enqerāzesh
Barāye sag-hāye bi-gonāh-e mamnū’e
Barāye gerye-hāye bi-vaqfe
Barāye tasvir-e tekrār-e in lahze
Barāye chehre-‚i ke mikhande
Barāye dānesh-āmūz-hā, Barāye āyande
Barāye in behesht-e ejbāri
Barāye nokhbe-hāye zendāni
Barāye kūdakān-e Afghāni
Barāye in hame „barāye“ gheire tekrāri
Barāye in hame sho’ār-hāye tū-khāli
Barāye āvār-e khāne-hāye pūshāli
Barāye ehsās-e ārāmesh
Barāye khorshid pas az shab-hāye tūlāni
Barāye qors-hāye a’sāb o bi-khābi
Barāye Saqqez, Ahwāz, Zāhedan
Barāye dokhtari ke ārezū dāsht pesar būd
Barāye zan, zendegi, āzādi
Barāye āzādi
Barāye āzādi
Barāye āzādi